What factors influence the cost of my Rent or Deposit Coverage?

The invoice is determined by the information provided in your application and your co-tenants' applications, your lease details, and the amount of coverage requested by the building.

The cost of your policy is primarily determined by:

  • You and your co-tenants' credit scores and employment statuses
  • The monthly rent for the lease
  • The length of the lease
  • The level of policy protection requested by your building

The cost is not affected by:

  • Your income or financial assets
  • Your responsible party's income or assets
  • How many co-tenants you have

In the vast majority of cases, providing additional documentation for yourself or a responsible party will not affect the cost of your policy. However, changes in your co-tenants, lease details or the amount of coverage requested by your building can cause your invoice amount to change. 

You can learn more about your invoice by clicking here.