I’ll be moving to a new building when my lease ends and will need Rent or Deposit Coverage. Can I still renew my coverage with TheGuarantors?

Returning customers can renew their coverage at a new building if they decide not to renew their lease.

How to notify TheGuarantors I will be moving:

TheGuarantors will send you an email two months before your lease ends asking whether you intend to renew your lease. Select No to notify our team that you will not be renewing your lease.

If you can’t find the email, you can also notify us that you are moving by texting SUPPORT to +1 929-556-6810.* Then, type "Renew my coverage."

How do I apply to renew my coverage?

To start the coverage renewal process, send us your new lease details once you have selected a new building. Text SUPPORT to +1 929-556-6810.* Then, type "Update my building address" to provide your lease details.

You do not need to submit a new application or documents when applying for renewal coverage. Our team will contact you directly if any additional information is required.

If you are changing or adding co-leaseholders, they will need to submit an application and provide a government-issued ID to apply. Please send us your roommate’s name and email address to request an application on their behalf by texting SUPPORT to +1 929-556-6810.* Then, type "Update leaseholders."

I’ve notified TheGuarantors that I would like to renew my coverage at a new building. What is next?

If you have not already provided us with your new lease details, please send them to us by texting SUPPORT to +1 929-556-6810.* Then, type "Update my building address."

Once you have provided your new lease details, please allow one day for our team to review, after which we will contact you via email. 


Please note that your new building must be registered with TheGuarantors before our team can process your application. You can learn more about applying with an unregistered building here: I want to apply for a building that does not work with TheGuarantors.


Once we review your renewal request, we may also need to confirm your payment history with your current building’s management. We will also contact your new building to confirm your lease details. Upon receiving the lease details from your new building and any necessary information from your current building, we will send you a finalized invoice for your renewal coverage. We will also let you know if you need to sign a new copy of the coverage agreement for your renewal.


*By texting us, you consent to receiving transactional calls and text. Standard messaging and data rates may apply. For more information, please visit our Telephone and Text Communications Terms and our privacy policy