My roommate isn't paying the rent. Am I liable for the outstanding balance if my landlord files a claim?

If your roommate doesn't pay their share of the rent and there's an unpaid balance on the apartment, your landlord can file a claim for the whole unit, holding all leaseholders responsible.

As a leaseholder, it is important to understand that all individuals listed on the lease are equally responsible for fulfilling the rental obligations. We consider the liability for the unit as a whole rather than individually. 

If there is an outstanding balance on the unit due to your roommate's non-payment, the unit will be considered to have an outstanding balance, and your landlord may have the right to file a claim for the entire unit where all leaseholders will be held accountable.

If you have noticed that your roommate is not fulfilling their rent payment obligations, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our mitigation team at We will be glad to discuss the situation with you in detail to gather more information before providing any case-specific suggestions or guidance.