Once I’m approved with TheGuarantors, will you provide a pre-approval letter to the building?

TheGuarantors will notify your building directly upon approval. If they haven't received it, their leasing team can request the approval letter by emailing us. 

We will notify your building directly once you have been approved for coverage with TheGuarantors.

Please note that your approval status with TheGuarantors is independent from your lease application. For questions regarding your approval for your new home, you must contact the building’s leasing office.

Click here to learn more about what comes next after approval.

I’ve been approved by TheGuarantors but my building’s leasing team says they haven’t heard from you. Can you resend the pre-approval notice?

If the leasing team has not received your pre-approval letter, the letter may have been directed to their spam inbox or their contact information may have changed recently.

If the leasing team has not received your pre-approval letter within 1 hour of approval, please direct the leasing team to email TheGuarantors a request for the pre-approval letter.

Once received, our team will resend your pre-approval letter to the leasing team.