What are the next steps for my application?

After you've submitted an application, complete 3 steps: wait for the application to be approved, pay the invoice and sign our terms. That is it! You may now sign your building's lease.

1. Submit an application to the building

Before you apply with TheGuarantors, please select a building in our network and submit an application directly to the property. 

The building will determine if you require TheGuarantors’ Rent Coverage to qualify for the lease. If you do not require Rent Coverage but are interested in purchasing Deposit Coverage, please contact the building’s leasing office to request an invite to apply.

2. Submit your application to TheGuarantors

If a building, broker, or one of your roommates has invited you to apply for our service, you can get started with the application process from their invitation email. Otherwise, you can get started directly from our website (theguarantors.com/renters) by entering your desired building and unit number.

To learn more, see How do I submit an application?

3. Application review 

Once your application has been submitted, please allow one day for our underwriters to review your application, after which we will contact you via email with an update on our approval decision.

If you have any questions on the status of your application while it’s being reviewed, see How do I check the status of my application? to learn more, or contact us by texting SUPPORT to +1 929-556-6810.*

4. Invoice and signature 

If you’re approved, we’ll need to confirm your lease details with your building's leasing team to prepare your invoice and contract for the policy. This may add an extra day to the process, for a total of two days. 

Once we receive confirmation from the building, we will email you an invoice and a DocuSign containing our contract.

If you have been approved but have not yet received your invoice and contract, we are waiting for the leasing team to confirm your lease details. To expedite the process, please contact the leasing office and ask that they email us your lease details.

Your final step with TheGuarantors is to sign the DocuSign agreement and submit payment for your invoice.

5. Sign your lease

Once your signature and payment are completed, we will notify the property that you are covered and that you can proceed with signing the lease.

6. Amend or cancel your policy 

If there is a change to your lease after you have signed and paid for your Rent or Deposit Coverage, we will need to update your policy. To learn more, see How do I amend my policy?

Need to cancel your application or policy? See Canceling a policy and refunds to learn more.


*By texting us, you consent to receiving transactional calls and text. Standard messaging and data rates may apply. For more information, please visit our Telephone and Text Communications Terms and our privacy policy