What are the next steps in my application?

To apply, complete four steps: submit your application, wait for our approval, pay the invoice and sign our terms. That is it! You are ready to sign your building's lease.

Our renter application process consists of the following steps:

1. Submit your application 

Thank you for your interest in applying with TheGuarantors!

If a building, broker, or one of your roommates has invited you to apply for our service, you can get started with the application process from their invitation email.

Otherwise, you can apply directly with us here, by completing our questionnaire and uploading your government issued ID. 

The first step in the application process is selecting a building. Buildings enrolled with TheGuarantors will appear in the drop-down as you type in the address. 

Please note that we are only able to review applications for buildings that have partnered with TheGuarantors. 

Next, you’ll need to enter the unit number for the apartment you’re applying for.

This means you’ll need to speak with the building’s leasing agent to select an apartment and submit an application for it with the leasing office before you can apply with TheGuarantors. If your building wants you to obtain coverage, they’ll send you an invitation link to apply with TheGuarantors or ask you to apply directly on our website.

To apply for a policy with TheGuarantors, you’ll need to answer a short questionnaire containing basic questions about yourself and the apartment you’re applying for, including unit number and monthly rent of the apartment.You’ll also be asked to upload a copy of a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, state ID, passport, or visa. 

You are not required to submit any financial documents or proof of employment with your application. We will contact you directly via email if we determine these documents are needed.


2. Application review 

Once your application has been submitted, please allow one day for our underwriters to review your application, after which we will contact you via email.

If you have any questions on the status of your application while it’s being reviewed, feel free to contact us at underwriting@theguarantors.com.


3. Application response - invoice and signature 

After reviewing your application, we need to confirm your lease details with your building's leasing team (rent amount and lease dates). This may add an extra day to the process, for a total of two days. Once we receive confirmation from the building, we will email you policy documents to sign, along with a finalized invoice and a DocuSign containing our general agreement of indemnity.

To prevent delays, please submit an application with your building directly before applying with TheGuarantors. The leasing agent will need your information on file before they can confirm your lease details for us.

Your final step is to sign the DocuSign agreement and submit payment for your invoice.


4. Sign your lease

Once completed, we will notify the property that you are covered and that you can proceed with signing the lease.