What is TG Pay and how do I sign up?

TG Pay is a platform that allows renters to prefund their annual rent and have TheGuarantors make monthly payments on their behalf. To sign up, contact your building's leasing team for a TG Pay referral. Not all buildings offer TG Pay.

What is TG Pay?

TG Pay is a third-party escrow and payments platform that enables renters to prefund all or part of the annual rent to TheGuarantors. TheGuarantors then makes monthly rent payments on behalf of the renter to the building. 

The service fee to use TG Pay is 2.5% of the TG Pay balance (the total amount of rent being funded).

How can I sign up with TG Pay?

Please contact your building’s leasing team directly to request that they fill out a TG Pay referral form on your behalf. This referral lets us know the TG Pay Balance required for your lease and when to start sending rent payments.

Please note the application on our website www.theguarantors.com is for Rent or Deposit Coverage, not TG Pay

After your building has submitted a TG Pay referral for you, you will be asked to sign our Terms & Conditions. We will then send you an invoice with instructions on how to wire payment to us. When your wire payment has arrived, we will confirm with you and the building that you’ve funded your TG Pay balance successfully. The first rent payment and monthly rent payments thereafter will be disbursed according to the requirements of your TG Pay referral.

*Your building must be signed up with TheGuarantors and the TG Pay product specifically in order for you to use TG Pay. Not all buildings that are enrolled with us for Rent or Deposit Coverage participate in TG Pay.