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What is the Rent Coverage renewal process?

To renew, you can email us at renewal@theguarantors.com. Alternatively, we will email two months before your lease ends asking whether you intend to renew.

When you renew your lease with your landlord, you will also need to renew your policy.

Why does my policy need to be renewed?

Since your coverage expires with the lease, you will need to purchase another policy when you renew your lease, unless you now meet your building's approval requirements.

How to notify TheGuarantors I will be renewing:

TheGuarantors will send you an email two months before your lease ends asking whether you intend to renew your lease.

If you can’t find the email, you can also notify us at renewal@theguarantors.com. If you will be applying for a different building, please include the new building, apartment number, and gross monthly rent in your email.

When do I need to renew my policy?

To avoid any lapses in your coverage, you must renew your policy by your renewal lease start date.

However, please also check if your building management has an earlier deadline to finalize your renewal policy. Many buildings require their tenants to renew their coverage prior to signing the renewal lease.

To ensure that the lease renewal process goes smoothly, we recommend that you begin the process of renewing your coverage as soon as you have decided to renew your lease.

How do I apply to renew my coverage?

To start the renewal process, you can simply notify us at renewal@theguarantors.com when you decide to renew your lease.

You do not need to submit a new application or documents when applying for renewal coverage. Our underwriters will contact you directly if any additional information is required.

If any of your co-leaseholders have not used TheGuarantors before, they will need to submit an application and provide a government-issued ID to apply. Please email renewal@theguarantors.com with your roommate’s name and email address to request an application on their behalf.

I’ve notified TheGuarantors that I will be renewing. What next?

Please allow one day for our underwriters to review, after which we will contact you via email.

Once we review your renewal request, we may need to confirm your payment history and lease details with your building’s management.

Upon receiving the necessary information from the building, we will send you a finalized invoice for your renewal coverage. We will also let you know if you need to sign a new copy of the coverage agreement for your renewal.