What products does TheGuarantors offer?

TheGuarantors offers several products, including Rent Coverage, Deposit Coverage, and Renters Insurance.

TheGuarantors offers several products to renters:

  • Rent Coverage: to help you qualify for an apartment without a personal guarantor.
  • Deposit Coverage: to reduce a traditional security deposit and lower your move-in costs.
  • Renters Insurance: to protect your belongings.

Rent Coverage

Our Rent Coverage functions as a traditional insurance policy, but the landlord is the beneficiary. The renter buys the policy to qualify to rent an apartment they may not otherwise qualify for, and the policy insures the landlord for the term of the renter's lease. 

Rent Coverage can be used in parallel with a cash security deposit or our Deposit Coverage product.

The cost is generally between 30%-120% of one month's rent. This is a one-time fee to purchase the policy, which covers the term of one lease. Please note that your landlord may require you to purchase another Rent Coverage policy upon renewing your lease.

Please visit https://www.theguarantors.com/renter to get started on an application for Rent Coverage. Click here to learn more about how to submit your application.

Note: If you fail to pay your monthly rent, the policy will reimburse the landlord, and you will still be liable to TheGuarantors for those payments. 

What is Deposit Coverage?

Instead of leaving a cash security deposit with your landlord, you pay a small non-refundable fee to purchase our Deposit Coverage product. The cost is a fraction of the traditional cash deposit otherwise required by your landlord.

The cost will vary depending on the state that you are in, among other factors. But it is usually between 6%-33% of one month's rent.

Please contact the building’s leasing team if you are interested in purchasing Deposit Coverage.

Renters Insurance

Our Renters Insurance plans start at only $13/mo and cover personal property, personal liability, and medical payments.

We offer custom coverage amounts, deductibles, as well as optional coverages that you may add to your policy. Coverages, deductibles, and optional coverages may vary by state.

Please visit https://renters.insurance.theguarantors.com/learn for more information.