How do I check the status of my application?

Go to our website ( to check on the status of your application

Go to our website (TheGuarantors) to check on the status of your application

    • Sign in on our website (TheGuarantors) to check on the status of your application.

    • Account Created: Your account has already been created and you now need to submit your questionnaire (Click here to learn more about the application process).

    • Questionnaire Completed: You have completed the questionnaire and can now upload your documents

    • Documents Uploaded: Your documents have been uploaded. Our team will reach out to you shortly after reviewing your application.

    • Approved: Your application has been approved, but we are either waiting for your landlord to provide us with your confirmed lease details or we are currently processing the confirmed lease details from your landlord in preparation of sending out your invoice and contract to sign and pay.

    • Payment and Signature: We have emailed you a contract to sign through DocuSign and an invoice to pay for your Rent or Deposit Coverage.

    • Once your remaining balance has been paid and signing has been completed, we will notify your landlord so that they can proceed with their lease signing process

How long will my approval take?

Once your application has been submitted along with required documents, please allow two days for our underwriters to review your application and confirm your lease details with your building's leasing team.

Our team will contact you and your building via email once your application has been approved.